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Register with Dubai Police for faster emergency response

Faster ambulancePeople who suffer from critical illness, the elderly and people of determination can register with Dubai Police.

Faster ambulanceFast response is critical during emergencies, especially for people who suffer from cardiac problems.

Faster ambulancePeople with determination and the elderly can also be in a particularly vulnerable position during emergencies.

Faster ambulanceBy registering with Dubai Police, your call will be given an exceptionally quick response when you call 999.

Faster ambulanceThe service is available on Dubai Police’s website, as well as through their app, which is available for Apple and Android devices.

Faster ambulanceYou can register by visiting this link.

Faster ambulanceProvide basic details about yourself, as well as your location, by filling in the form.

Faster ambulance

Faster ambulanceThe details include your Makani number, which is a 10-digit number that provides specific details of your location.

Faster ambulance

faster ambulance 11 newOnce you register, all you need to do is dial 999 and even if you do not say anything, the police authorities will be able to identify your special case and swing into action.

Faster ambulanceThe ambulance which is sent is equipped to treat people with heart diseases.

Faster ambulanceSo, whether you are a person of determination or suffer from a critical illness, this service will ensure you receive medical care faster during an emergency.


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